The Hempire

We are an independently owned, locally established cannabis dispensary store who are here to  provide you with the best cannabis experience in the heart of downtown, St Catharines. We are two friends who are fueled by passion to give the best to everything we do. Our dream is to expand The Hempire family to every service that we can offer.

The Journey

Our vision for building the Empire of Cannabis started before the era of its legalization. We were interested in this recreational drug that many were popularizing about. We started to learn more about it and eventually wanted to enter the field of cannabis farming. However, the idea of starting a franchise that has the power to grow into bigger fields impressed us even more. Thus, The Hempire was born and from that day to this, we have worked hard for our dream to become the reality that it is.

The Store

We are the first in St Catharines downtown to open a Cannabis Dispensary, and thus feel extremely honored and privileged to be able to do so. Our store promises you with the most unique and luxurious aura that will leave you feeling hazed and blazed. We can proudly say that our store will amaze you with its best variety of products and experience that you can find nowhere else.

The Team

We are blessed to have an amazing team of people who share the same values and passion that we do. Our family guarantees you with the most warm and welcoming hospitality and gift you the well-deserved responsibility that we are obliged to provide you. Our promise is to give you the most quality products and take you through the journey of our unique store. We will continue to strive to be able to offer you the best because that is the only thing we know to offer you.

We look forward to your visit

Let us travel through this Empire of cannabis together.

Come Say High

We got an awesome space with some chill staff, ready to serve you with all your cannabis needs.

25-27 Ontario St, St. Catharines, ON