Cannabis is a group of three plants with psychoactive properties knowns as Cannabis Indica, Sativa and Cannabis Ruderalis.

We know cannabis mostly as weed or pot. But Other than this names cannabis has thousands of street names. E.g., Marijuana, bud, green, herb, or flower, mary jane.

In Different culture people are started using cannabis thousands of years ago. We can discuss history of cannabis another time.

Cannabis can grow wild in many of the tropical temperature areas of the world. People in all over the world are cultivating cannabis for medical and recreational purpose. But Due to this psychoactive properties Majority of the countries banned usage of cannabis. In Countries like India, UAE, Australia cultivation and consume of recreational cannabis is strictly Banned. If anybody get caught using or selling, there will be consequences including jail time and thousands of dollars fine. Recently in Dec 2, 2020, United Nations removed marijuana from most strict global drug category with the support of US.

Cannabis can be consumed as dry flower, oil, edibles, extracts, topicals. Most of the people use cannabis to smoke using bong (a water pipe which is used to smoke dry cannabis flower) or cannabis cigarettes (Joint) and it can give you short- and long-term effects. It is interesting to learn more about cannabis and its different varieties.

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